Main services


If you value comfort, peace and quiet, our executive tables are the ideal choice. We will give you the best royal look in your office. Royal furnishing in every product make as per your concern


Free yourself from some unwanted stress and enjoy so much needed rest and relaxation with our educational furniture. Designed to help alleviate the strain of of the daily grind, this recliner serves as an awesome tool for rejuvenating yourself after a hard day's night.


Add a little bit of class to your house or bar with our Dining Furniture. Sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear. Upgrade the look of your studio or small apartment with our perfect dining furniture.


So delicate and smooth that just the individual seating on it can let you know how it feels like heaven. Available in all colors.

Installation Services

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE offers a variety of technical support services. We have a full time experienced installation team.Our Installation staff is familiar with on site conditions and is able to build from working drawings and prepare programs of delivery and installation.

Our Installation Services Includes:

  • Review of Installation Drawings.
  • Inspection of the building to identify phasing staging or any restriction which might impact installation
  • Coordination of Delivery and Receipt of Product
  • Coordination with other contractors at site.
  • Unpacking and Staging of Product
  • Removal of carton and cleaning the area for installation
  • Installations of Panels & Components
  • Fine Tuning and Cleaning of all Products.
  • Development of Snagging or Punch List for final actions
  • Handover

Computer Aided Design:

All the activity can be manage by WINDOW FURNITURE Computer Aided Design System.

Computer Aided Planning:

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE can standardize the symbol information documenting the customer's facilities, including Plan and Elevation drawings of Workstations, Departmental configuration, As-Built Drawings, Finish Schedules and Projects up-dates.

Technical Specialists for Installation:

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE employs full time Installation specialists. All post-installation needs can be satisfied e.g. reconfiguration, paint touch-ups. The program can be tailored to the needs and could feature anything from a regular sweep of the environment for adjustments to full-scale reconfiguration of the space.

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE offers a variety of technical support services, including product management, product maintenance and repair, product user care and installation training

Customer Services:

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE has full customer service facilities available through its project team.

Warehousing & Storing Facilities:

WINDOW OFFICE FURNITURE has a large warehouse capability and has maintained considerable stock for its installation base. Product types and finishes are dedicated to the existing users needs. Over the years the quality of stock product has been maintained with careful warehousing and inventory control

Extra services


Our furniture will gives you the best experience when you use it in the Indoor.


In the our steel products we give the best quality and feel the best experience and to keep all your belongings at any weight.


Feel like heaven when you step on it and be relaxed with out any tensions with our healthy furnitures.

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