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About Us

Window Office Furniture is one of the leading suppliers of office furniture in Abu Dhabi under proprietorship of MR.SAID AHMED. Advanced thanking you for your attention and guarantee utmost satisfaction when you go for the experience of our products.In engaged primarily in supplying the entire range of office furniture right from directional sets, management sets, middle management sets, site office furnishing, sea tings, computer furniture , system furniture with quality and innovative design etc. to create the ideal work environment.As you esteemed company is new to our line of service, we would like to take this opportunity to offer you a special introductory offer.

Can assist in your business by providing the interior that suits and matches your image and budget. We thank you for your attention and sincerely hope that you will seriously consider us in your future projects.


The company was started with a vision to be a reliable partner for trading at competitive prices. Today we have developed an enviable reputation in the global market and have positioned ourselves, well deservingly, as one of the leading Furniture company

Since 2004 we have completed more major projects with satisfaction of our valuable govt: and private customers.Attention to details and teamwork is important in achieving outstanding service


Our mission is to become one of the best furniture vendors in the Gulf countries. We provides the best and most beautifull furniture for our customers in all aspects.

If you want your bedroom to look original and unusual reflecting the traditional notions about the true home comfort and elegant beauty, take care of a comfortable and ergonomic bedroom set first of all. In addition to the practicality and functionality, such furniture will create a certain mood and evoke the atmosphere of calmness and serenity. Having the seemingly simple design, mostly consisting of a base, countertop, drawers, and shelves, they are able to accommodate clothes, linen, jewelry, as well other household utensils. Regardless of the size almost every nightstand has many drawers, niches, and shelves that provide an ample storage opportunity for all your personal belongings.Our store provides a huge selection of high-quality mattresses at the most affordable prices. We do care about your comfort and health!

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